Film Maker John Mathew Matthan has declared that the sequel of Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Sarfarosh’ will happen next year. ‘Sarfarosh‘ is a one of the best and memorable film of Aamir Khan’s career. Matthan said, “The sequel to ‘Sarfarosh’ will take some time. I am not ready with a proper script as of yet. It will happen next year. Presently, I am busy with two-three other scripts. The sequel will have a different story. We are yet to zero-in on an area around which the plot would revolve.”

Apparently, it was Aamir who felt a sequel to his hit 1999 thriller should be made. He suggested to John in 2013 to start working on the script for the second installment.

In “Sarfarosh”, Aamir played the role of a tough Mumbai Crime Branch cop Ajay Singh Rathod, who cracks down on cross-border terrorism along with his team. The film saw veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah playing the antagonist.

John Matthew Matthan‬ said ‪Aamir Khan‬ is shooting for other movie, but ‪Sarfarosh 2 will happen next year!