The prosecution in Jiah Khan suicide case on Thursday sought to invoke murder charge against Sooraj Pancholi accused of abetting her death. The prosecution also demanded that the trial be conducted against Pancholi adding the murder charge.  The prosecution told that special court that charges should be framed against Sooraj for murder, rape and forcing a woman to have an abortion.

Jiah was found dead in her apartment on June 3, 2013, and was said to have committed suicide. However, her mother Jiah Khan has accused her ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi of murdering her. However, in the mid of this entire matter, Rabiya Khan has revealed some really shocking details about Sooraj Pancholi that might leave you devastated.

In an interview, Rabiya opened up about many issues and spoke about Jiah’s relationship with Sooraj, “I had told her that Sooraj didn’t love her. I asked her to leave him so many times. Even she knew he didn’t love her. I had messaged him one day saying, ‘Why are you playing games with her and why are you manipulating Jiah?’ That didn’t go down well with him. He replied saying ‘Yeh ladki agar meri nahi toh teri bhi nahi’.

Rabiya went on to add, “The day Jiah told me about him, I told her at least make me meet him. He didn’t want to meet me. He met me over skype and usne and here main baithke mujhse baat ki. I told Jiah, he doesn’t have any confidence. He didn’t even show his face to me.”

When asked about reports that Sooraj extracted a fetus out of Jiah’s body in December, Rabiya said, “The guy who can do something so brutal is going Scot free. CBI cops had told me that is beastly, cruel and inhuman. But they can say this only behind his back. Why can’t they tell this to the whole world? If he can do this then he can do anything. Why can’t they get the truth out from a 23-24 year old boy? They have said he lies a lot, gets violent easily and has a quick temper. And the psychological reports suggest something entirely different. Isn’t the CBI contradicting themselves? It makes me feel sad.”

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