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Jet Airways Mumbai-Bhopal flight hijacked, by wedding party on Friday.

A Jet airways plane flies late after a group of passengers, who were part of a marriage party were announced delayed…

By Administrator in Viral on December 3, 2016

A Jet airways plane flies late after a group of passengers, who were part of a marriage party were announced delayed by the airways team. Mumbai-Bhopal flight which had to depart from Mumbai by 5.55 am was two hours late. Friday morning, the flight flying for Bhopal had overbooked passengers due to which the flight waited and had made an unpleasant situation for the other passengers in the flight.

Ruckus and refusing the flight to fly the wedding group which had a total of 80 members out of which 63 members who had successfully boarded in the flight. The other members held the aircraft and other passengers ransom after intimidating staff by using their political clout. Creating a nuisance and making a big fuzz out of the over- booked seats led to rivalry. Flight 9W7083 which was scheduled with 156 seats in the economy class got filled up with passengers on the basis of first-in-first-come. After the airplane officials, explained that they cannot be accommodated on the flight the wedding group present started protesting and intimating the airplane staff.

Jet Airways was subservient to a Gujarati family, unproven that the family had some powerful political connection.

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The ugly passengers creating rabble rising situation, made sure that the members of the group left would enter the flight without valid boarding passes. the rule was not follow as they entered the flight with a pass which read ‘stand-by’ and were occupying the flight , well they could only enter if someone else wishes to give them their seat in case. Finally, after two hours, the  the aircraft took off at 8:00 AM and landed at 9.10 AM, against the scheduled landing time of 7.10 am.

Jet Airways claims that the re-scheduling and delay of flight was due to a technical glitch.

Jet Airways offered compensation of Rs 10000 to on board passengers agreeing to deplane and catch other flight to Bhopal.

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