In an embarrassment to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, one of his party’s MLA Shyam Bahadur Singh was shot dancing with bar dancers during a function in Bihar. Shyam Bahadur Singh was reportedly dancing under the influence of liquor, when caught on camera. Bihar Chief Minister is likely to take action against Singh because Nitish Kumar has declared Bihar as a dry state.

The video shows the MLA dancing with provocative steps and gestures with the dancers on the stage. Shyam Bahadur Singh was attending a wedding party in Barharia Surahi village on 14 July, where the legislators were invited in a marriage function of a hardware business man.

Shyam Bahadur Singh is MLA from Barharia constituency in Siwan district in Bihar. This is not the first time, A similar incident was caught on camera in 2010 where Shyam Bahadur Singh was seen dancing with girls.