On Saturday night, Rocky Yadav son of a JDU leader Manorama Devi allegedly shot and killed 19 year old Aditya Sachdeva for speeding past his Range Rover in Gaya town. Rocky is the son of Manorama Devi, who is a lawmaker of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal United. Rocky has been running away and hiding for 3 days, before getting arrested by police.

Confirming the arrest, Gaya’s Senior Superintendent of Police Garima Mallick said, ” We have been carrying out regular raids and based on our interrogation of various people we have made the arrest. I cannot give you more details right now. Rocky has confessed to the crime. He was arrested with his weapon. His SUV has also been seized.

Rocky Yadav was tracked down after his mother’s prolonged interrogation at her Gaya home. He was found in a factory near Bodh Gaya, 25 km from Gaya town, with his Rs. 10 lakh pistol. The police found liquor bottles in Manorama Devi’s house. But the lawmaker has not been charged either with helping her son or for keeping alcohol, which is banned in Bihar since April.

Rocky Yadav was also paraded in-front of media with his face hooded in black. He told reporters he was not in Bihar on the day of the shooting: “I was not in hiding…I was in Delhi and came because my mother called me. I didn’t shoot anyone.”

Aditya Sachdeva, 19, was driving home with friends in his Maruti Swift when he overtook the politician’s son Range Rover. His friends claim that Rocky then fired a warning shot from the SUV, forcing Mr Sachdeva to stop, after which he was beaten up and then shot at. He died on the spot.


Image Source – NDTV

Besides Rocky’s father Bindi Yadav, who is an RJD leader, a bodyguard of the MLC was arrested in this connection on Sunday. While Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had strongly condemned the incident and asserted that nobody could escape from the “long arms of law”, opposition BJP claimed that “jungle raj” had returned to the state.

The opposition called a Gaya bandh on Monday in protest of Rocky Yadav killing of Aditya Sachdeva.