JD(U) leader Ali Anwar has made a controversial remark against newly-appointed Textile Minister Smriti Irani. Ali Anwar made shocking statement when Smriti Irani was sent to the low-profile Textiles Ministry, while Prakash Javadekar took charge of the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry on July 5th.

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According to an ABP News report, the JD(U) leader Ali Anwar said: “Good that Irani has been elected as textile minister; it will help her cover body.”

The report also quoted Ali Anwar as saying he “was referring to the bodies of the people in general,” a remark the report said he made after realising he had crossed the line.

Defending himself, Ali Anwar while speaking to NewsX said, “There is nothing sexual about my remark; I have not said anything wrong; no need to apologise.”

Anwar Ali who represents Bihar in Rajya Sabha said in a crass analogy that the textile ministry has been given to Smriti Irani to cover her body.