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It's Confirmed! Dr.Mashoor Gulati Will Not Come Back To "The Kapil Sharma Show"

During the fight between Kapil and Sunil in mid-air, Sunil had quit the show and had maintained a silence on returning to The Kapil Sharma Show. Every day the reports are different, some say he is still a part of the show some says he has quit the show, but till now Sunil has not confirmed anything.
Sunil says on shooting an episode for the upcoming show, “It’s all a lie.” A unit member clears, At present Kapil is shooting for his upcoming movie, so the question of shooting for the show doesn’t come.
A good friend and a co-actor of Kapil, Sunil Grover denies all the rumors of starting a new comedy show on another channel. Grover said, “At present, I am focusing on live shows and nothing else. I am also not talking to any other channel.”
It's Confirmed! Dr.Mashoor Gulati Will Not Come Back To "The Kapil Sharma Show" 1
Sunil Grover is popular for his comedy role of Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Devi, and now he is in contract with Sony Entertainment Television. He is disturbed till now for what happened on the flight while coming back from Australia. They went Australia for a performance with Kapil and his team.
Keeping aside all these controversies, last week Sunil did a live gig as a part of a charity event in Assam. Again on 1st April in Delhi, he is doing a gig with Ali as a company. Grover said, “I am overwhelmed by the love I am getting from the audience. Performing live is exhilarating.”
However, the popularity of the show on online audience has been decreasing. The Youtube views for the last two episodes have decreased a lot, the dislikes are also most double of the likes.
So, now its confirmed that Sunil Grover is not a part of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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