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Is Sunil Coming Back On TKSS? Kapil Sharma Visited His House, What Happened There?

As we all know that Sunil Grover has left The Kapil Sharma Show after the duo had a fight in…

By Abhinav D Anand in Television on July 17, 2017

As we all know that Sunil Grover has left The Kapil Sharma Show after the duo had a fight in the flight while coming back to Mumbai. The separation of both of them made the fans disappointed. Apart from everything we trust that things will be normal soon. We never expected this from both the comedians and never thought that their friendship will come to this point. Even on the Internet, we see how all of their fans are convincing them to forget everything and come together.

The duo has shared a strong bond and it looks even now they are missing it. They have never talked bad about each other. Recently, Kapil came live on Facebook and has got very emotional. One of the fans asked him When is Sunil coming back on the show, Kapil replied he can come anytime he wants. Sunil is like his brother to him.

There are some new reports came out about Kapil and Sunil. It says Kapil Sharma has visited Sunil’s house to sort out the things. The reports say that Kapil wants him back on the show and this is why he went to meet him personally.


Want to know what happened between them? As per the reports, the meeting was not good between both of them. According to the reports, Kapil messaged Sunil and asked him to come to his house, but when he refused Kapil himself went to Sunil’s house. But while having there was a lot of awkwardness. Kapil went there to convince Sunil to come back but the awkward silence didn’t make the way for discussions.

Hardly both of them talked to each other. Now we are waiting for some good news to come to us. We hope this personal visit of Kapil changes things soon and we soon see Sunil on the show back. What do you guys think, will Gutthi be seen on TKSS once again? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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