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Is COLDPLAY Really Performing In India, Cause WE CAN’T KEEP CALM!

Chris Martin from Coldplay was in India last year for shooting a video for their new song and they went without performing here leaving a lot of Indian fans depressed. Later Coldplay’s Phil Harvey tweeted that he wanted to bring the band to India, and everyone in the country went crazy. Coldplay might be coming to India for a concert in November this year and it is indeed big news for fans like us.

Rumor has it that Coldplay will be flying to India to perform at a charity concert, organized by the Global Poverty project this year. According to the Mumbai Mirror, Coldplay will be visiting India for a show on 19th November. The show will be a part of Chris Martin‘s global poverty charity’s annual fund raising concert.

This is the project by Chris Martin’s Global Citizen Music Festival. It could be either Delhi or Mumbai but either ways Coldplay concert would be surely a houseful scene!

The popular music band has already announced their dates for shows in Latin America, Europe and North America, so it’s totally possible for them to include India as one of the countries for their Asia tour, right? Anyways, we are keeping our fingers crossed till the news is confirmed.

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