One of Apple iconic smartphone, the iPhone 5S could get a 50 percent price cut and be available for just about Rs 12,000 only. With Apple all set to launch a new smartphone, the iPhone SE in the market on March 22, the iPhone 5s could just become out of fashion. The 4 inch iPhone 5s has gone through a series of price cuts earlier. And with the launch of iPhone SE, reports say the iPhone 5s could get a 50 percent price discount in the market.


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There is no certainty over whether this price cut would be implemented in India as well since Apple has been reducing the official prices of iPhone 5S in the country in order to keep pushing the sales in the face of ever-increasing competition from Android phones.
iPhone 5S is already available for a starting price of Rs 21,499 for the 16GB model on e-commerce websites in the country. But this may be about to change as the company is domestically with the launch of Apple Stores in India, which is under processing at the moment.

One is not sure if the price cut would be affected in India, But if the price cut should become effective in India, post 50 percent discount, the iPhone 5s could be available for just about Rs 12,000 in the country. Considering that the sales of iPhone’s in India have gone down due to high prices, the price cut could sure revive its sale to a certain extend. The iPhone market prices in India grew at a lower level and therefore decided to cur prices play a key role in strengthening the market.



The reports also claims that iPhone5 SE will be available in a price range of Rs 26,900 to Rs 46,440. Apple SE, which is rumored to have the best features of iPhone 6 and 6s, is expected to hit the markets on March 15. Iphone 5s is expected to get 50 price cut would be most likely be available at 12000,This Price Will Be Available In March-April 2016.


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