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Indian, Pakistani Soldier Clash During Beating Retreat Ceremony On Border In Punjab

A video showing clash between Indian and Pakistani soldiers during beating retreat ceremony at Hussainiwala border in Punjab has been surfaced.


The incident took place earlier of this month. In the video it can be clearly seen that the Indian soldier was elbowed by his Pakistani counterpart when both of them were carrying their flags. A video is going viral on YouTube showing Indian and Pakistani soldiers getting into a fight during the 40-minute retreat ceremony on border.

That mild physical contact, which in any other circumstance was not more than a nudge, angered the Indian soldier who started abusing and beating the Pakistani ranger. Stunned at the altercation, fellow soldiers and officers from both sides rushed towards the two exchanging blows and removed them from the place.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Me Video on June 9, while, some people are claiming the incident happened five years ago.

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