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Indian flag printed on a doormat and sold on Amazon, this will make your blood boil.

Amazon did something which we cannot think of, they selling Indian flag doormats and disrespected the national symbol of India. These personalized tri-color flag doormats were made available on the online e-commerce websites with many pictures and descriptions. The Indian flag has been a symbol of pride for all Indians and is respected by each and every Indian, whether there are in India or settled abroad. This product was listed on online shopping portal Amazon Canada which caught the attention of many people and questioned the attention of the makers of the doormats and the internet based retailer. The product of picture of rugged looking Indian flag is enough to make everyone’s blood boil

Amazon was selling this product with the description as Personalized Indian flag doormat with the durable machine wash; Welcome Doormat used indoor as well as outdoor. Durable, heat-resistant non-woven fabric top, backed with a rubber non-slip rubber backing. Dry, wet feet, grab dirt, dust, and grime.


One fails to understand the lack of sensitivity on the product makers and shopping portal Amazon Canada’s part to display this Indian flag doormat. It is known that Canada has the most population as Indians. They should understand that they would receive such a backlash from both the countries India, Canada as well as the Indians staying across the world. Despite the product such an offend the website is still going on with the sales.The product is currently unavailable, which makes us wonder if it is because of a shortage of stock or removed after the fear of adverse reactions.

This is not the first time that Amazon has made such a mistake; Amazon had also come into the limelight when they had printed ‘Allah’ on the door mats which had hurt the sentiments of all Muslims and when Muslims took this on the social media sites they had to then stop the sale.


This is eye opener where Indians are getting mad over Amazon for making doormats of the Indian flag, What about when the national symbol of India, the national flags are lying on the streets, and people are walking over it? That time where is our patriotism. There are so many social experiments about the Indian symbols.

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