Earlier this month, a team of climbers from West Bengal had gone on an expedition to climb the world’s highest peak Mount Everest. An Indian climber has died on Mount Everest and two others have gone missing, expedition organizers said on Monday. Four of them, namely Paresh Chandra Nath, Subash Paul, Sunita Hazra and Goutam Ghosh had gone missing near the Everest summit on Saturday.

Krishna Prasad Sharma, chief district officer of Solukhumbu district said, “Subhash Pal was found dead in the Everest region between Camp IV and Camp III on Sunday night, while Paresh Chandra Nath and Goutam Ghosh are still missing.”

Subhash Pal was among five Indian mountaineers who went missing on Saturday. “One mountaineer was rescued while one woman climber was airlifted to Kathmandu for further treatment,” added Sharma.

After the four were reported missing, Wangchu Sherpa, the managing director at Trekking Camp Nepal, immediately sent a team of rescuers to find them. The rescuers managed to bring Sunita Hazra back to base camp safely, but Subash Paul lost his life due to frostbite which later led to hypothermia. The rescuers are still on the lookout for the two other members who are still missing. Paresh Nath and Goutam Ghosh have been missing since Saturday, said Wangchu Sherpa of the Trekking Camp Nepal agency in Kathmandu. Two of their companions who fell sick were being helped down the mountain, Sherpa said.

About 30 climbers have developed frostbite or become sick near the summit in recent days.

Subash Paul had reached the 8,849-metre summit on Saturday but collapsed while descending the Hillary Step ice wall. He passed away in the region between Camp IV and Camp III. Paul is the fifth climber to have died while attempting to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak at 8,850 metres.

Paul is the fifth climber to have died while attempting to scale Mount Everest.

Paresh Nath and Goutam Ghosh, who were in the team of Paul, are untraceable since Saturday. They were missing from South Cole which lies above 8,000 metre altitude and it was unlikely that they would come back alive, officials said.

During the ongoing Himalayan climbing season a Dutch and an Australian woman died of altitude sickness on Friday and Saturday respectively. A Nepali guide died on Thursday after he slipped and fell 2,000 metres.

Image Source: politics–news.com