Indian boxing star Vijender Singh will take on Poland’s Andrzej Soldra in his first eight-round professional contest here on Friday. Vijender Singh will face Andrzej Soldra at Macron Stadium, Premier Suite, Bolton. The 30-year-old Indian boxing star is undefeated in five fights with five knockouts in only 14 rounds of action. Andrzej Soldra comes into the fight against Vijender with a record of 12 wins with 5 knockouts from 16 fights. Vijender Singh has the edge in experience over 81 rounds under his belt. Andrzej Soldra also has a brilliant record in career with 82 wins from 98 fights.

Vijender Singh said, “I have seen videos of Soldra. He is a good opponent but I am preparing very hard to give him a tough time in the ring. He is very experienced though and with 16 fights and 81 rounds he has got the advantage over me in that department but I will stop him.”

Vijender Singh shown brilliant class during the mega fight, he has shown strong character to emerge victorious as well. Vijender Singh has shown great maturity in his first five fights, patiently building up for massive punches to knockout the boxer. The Indian does not go full tilt at his opponents, but never misses an opportunity to grab one when presented with a chance. What has been more impressive is his footwork inside the ring, which has helped him wriggle out of difficult situations while on the defensive.

Indian boxer Vijender Singh will face an experienced Andrzej Soldra of Poland in his sixth professional bout at the Macron Stadium here on May 13.

Image Source: Twiiter