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India V/S England, 3rd Test match, Ravindra Jadega celebrates his milestone with epic ‘sword dance’ performance.

India v/s England third match test continues at Mohali, Ravindra Jadega nailed the test match before lunch time. Ravindra Jadega…

By Administrator in Cricket on November 28, 2016

India v/s England third match test continues at Mohali, Ravindra Jadega nailed the test match before lunch time. Ravindra Jadega celebrated his Half century a milestone in his traditional way as a trademark in his ‘Rajputi style’ playing the cricket bat as a ‘Sword’ like a dance performance on the field of Day 3. Unexpected of Jadega to stay on the field holding the wicket for so long which itself was a victory for Indian team. Score read at the end of the session was Yadav was batting on 26 off 66 deliveries, while Jadega managed unbeaten till end with 70 off 142 balls.

The day ended with fenominal performance of Ravindra Jadega, nevertheless India started it with R.Ashwin resuming from his overnight score of 57, India managed to close the session before break with a score of 354/7. India v/s England third test match at Mohali was no pressure to India after continuous supreme performance of the players. Jadega after taking two wickets during England innings in the test match and bringing up his third Test half-century in 104 deliveries (which also is the first time he faced more than 100 deliveries in a Test innings.)

Jadega is known as the Sahurashtra player as he belongs to the Rajput family, as he makes the Moment of the day on third test match series in full enthusiasm of winning and performing his ‘Sword Dance Performance’. After Ashwin it was our Jadega who had managed to frustrate the already frustrated England team. The Engalnd was already helping the two of them as most of the bowlers offered them an outside off which added to their plus.

R Ashwin was noted as the only casualty in the whole morning session of the match. Ashwin start to Woakes ball had exclaimed that Today was the Indian team day, he batted a four to his first opening ball. Jadega would have taken the aerial route to Woakes ball but he gave the strike to Ashwin as he was connected with the match from last night session. Jadega the left-handed batsmen had dipped in between but managed to catch the match back, While Ben stoke could be threatening to him he managed well to give no expansive shot.

Ravindra Jadega was on field with both sharing his innings with R Ashwin at first, Yadav at second. Jayant Yadav was a relief on field for Jadega as he managed the bat and continued his romance in the third test match at Mohali. The lead before Ashwin departed the duo put together 97 runs in this match, which was gave relief to India.

Ravindra Jadega performance of a traditional ‘Rajputi’ style was a reflection of his performance, 3rd test match in Mohali.


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