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In US A 4-Year-Old Girl Died After Her Mom Kicks Her In Stomach For Not Brushing Teeth

In the US, Washington, a four-year-old girl died after her mother kicked her in the stomach for not brushing the teeth. The mother’s name is Iris HernandezRivas who is 20-years-old called the police to report to find her daughter Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez. Nohely Alexandra was not responding to their home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Iris Hernandez said to the police that Nohely, her daughter had gone to take a shower and after 15 minutes later she found her lying in the bathtub with face down. Iris did not call police immediately she called 911 after an hour, Fox5 said.
The little girl Nohely was then taken to the hospital in a critical condition. Once they reached the hospital, doctors said Nohely had got many injuries on her body and has suffered from head trauma. Then later they took her to Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC, even there she was in critical condition then later the little girl died. Police told to Fox5 the girl died on Friday.
In US A 4-Year-Old Girl Died After Her Mom Kicks Her In Stomach For Not Brushing Teeth 1
As per the reports, the Police said, Iris Hernandez-Rivas, confessed that she kicked her daughter in the abdomen as she got angry on her because Nohely had not brushed her teeth.
When she kicked her Nohley fell backward into the wall and hit her head, Hernandez-Rivas said to the police. She even told that the injuries which Nohley had on her body were of several days before when she hit her with the belt.
At present Iris Hernandez-Rivas charged with first-degree assault and first-degree child abuse. Police are waiting for the child’s official death reason; she will face more problems after all things are sorted.

RIP Nohley Alexandra Martinez Hernandez!

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