In This Video, Is Vir Das Accusing Katrina Kaif Of Objectifying Women?

Veer Das is seen in a latest video where he is recreating some popular advertisements including Katrina Kaif’s mango beverage which looks like Vir Das will have none of this and feels that this ad is extremely sexist and demeaning to women. But it seems Vir Das feels that’s objectification of women.

Katrina Kaif is one of Bollywood’s reigning leading ladies right now and also undoubtedly one of the best. She is also a very classy person who has always remained dignified. No doubt, that has landed her many endorsements and advertising deals. One of the most popular ads featuring her are of a mango flavored beverage, where she is seen seductively and suggestively performing. This ad has been the subject of many online jokes and also many stand-up comedian’s acts.

Vir Das has a problem with the products being ‘sexified’ and women being ‘objectified’.

This video is a commercial by a deodorant brand that Vir endorses and has the actor reprising some of the scenes from Katrina‘s ads. So there’s this unusual ‘fondling’ of the fruit and the wait for the first drop on the lips. He doesn’t rest at that. He goes on to get clippings of other ads done by celebrities where women are ‘objectified’. Hence, he is part of a brand which ‘Respects’ them.

Vir Das shared the video on Facebook saying, “Alright! Had a blast doing this. I wore some dresses and pointlessly fondled fruit smile emoticon I’m doing something cool with He! We are launching a new product, Taking on sexist advertising, and raising money to support women’s welfare charities! Join the movement with HE Be Interesting because Asli Men Respect Women. ‪#‎HEResepect‬ ‪#‎RespectWomen‬ Spread the word!

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