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3-Year-Old Twins Drowned In The Washing Machine In Delhi, After Their Mom Left Them Alone At Home!

A pair of twins who were three years old, died in a washing machine after their mom left them alone…

By Administrator in News on February 27, 2017

A pair of twins who were three years old, died in a washing machine after their mom left them alone in the house and went out to buy a washing powder. This incident happened in Rohini area of Delhi at Avantika housing complex on Saturday afternoon. The twins with their head down were found in the machine. According to the police, an investigation has been initiated into the cause of death. The police are investigating, and it is said that it was an accident. They said we had started a probe in the matter. Through a preliminary investigation indicated it was an accident, police are looking at all angles.
The doctors have confirmed the death by drowning. The bodies of the twins were sent to the government hospital for postmortem. The police said, the incident took around 12:40 pm when their mother Rakhi left the twins  Laksh and Neeshu, who were playing near the bathroom in their first-floor apartment. The mother Rakhi told to the police; she had piled up clothes near the washing machine -a top-loading, semi-automatic model -filled it with water and gone to a grocery store nearby to buy washing powder. The door of the flat had not been locked.
After six minutes she returned to the home, and she did not find her children. She looked in the apartment but couldn’t find them she informed her husband, Ravinder. Ravinder works as a manager with a private insurance company in Rohini. They even have another child who is 10-years-old Aditya; he was at school. As Rakhi informed Ravinder, he came home in 10minutes and started looking for the twins.

A neighbor Jaya Sharma told TOI, “The couple returned home around 1.10pm and checked the washing machine. To their horror, they found the children lying head down in the water.”
The couple saw the kids in the washing machine and took them out of the tumbler. They ran to a private hospital, but the doctors declared them dead. Then Ravinder again took them to Jaipur Golden Hospital where the doctors said the cause of death is drowning. The neighbor Jaya informed the police from Vijay Vihar Police station, they reached the house. The DCP of Rohini, M N Tiwari said, “We found 12-15 liters of water in the washing machine.Though the family does not suspect any foul play, a probe has been initiated,” said M N Tiwari, DCP, Rohini.
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The evidence says that may be the kids climbed on a bucket which was beside the washing machine and tried to look into the tumbler. So the bucket has slipped off because of which they fell into the water. However, we don’t know the real reason how they fell into the tumbler. The family told the police that Rakhi left the kids alone in the house with the washing machine on. The police officer said, “It is possible that the children tried to peep in out of inquisitiveness, but we are probing how they managed to climb to a height from which they could fall into the tumbler.” No FIR has been registered till late in the night.

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