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In Bigg Boss 10 Guess Who Is Back In The House To Shock All The Housemates.

Every day we are seeing new twist and turns in BB 10 house. In the first eviction Priyanka Jagga was evicted and then Akansha Sharma, both were in headlines. Even though they were out of the house both were in the news and was limelight outside the house. In third elimination round Swami Ji was eliminated from the house but he was sent to the secret room, housemates didn’t know this. In the secret room Swami Ji is relaxing and keeping an eye on each and every housemate. You all might be thinking who is back in the house again ?? Are You Confused???

Guess Who is Re-entering In the House In Tonight’s Episode


When Swami Ji was evicted from Bigg Boss 10 house it was shocking for all the viewers and housemates. We all saw how Manu, Manveer and Naveen were shattered in to tears. But, it looks like the makers of the show didn’t want to let go the entertainment of the show. So now BB took a new twist in the game and sent Swami Ji to a secret room after post eviction. Swami Ji has got a tag ‘the entertainer of the season’ and now he is enjoying in the secret room.

All the fans of Swami Ji get ready to see his weird drama once again the BB 10 house. We exclusively reveal, Swami Ji is all set to return inside the house and it’s going to be a big change in the house. Today, Swami will be entering the house again with his irritating and continuous silly talks.

All of you get ready to watch tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss as Swami Ji is back in the house and all the housemates will be shocked. Now, we will see how all the housemates react after seeing Swami Ji back. Stay connected with us to get all the news of Bigg Boss 10.

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