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In A Bizarre Incident Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Caused Hole in The Stomach Of A Delhi Businessman

Craziness has attained a new and different meaning in today’s times. People are doing stupid and immature things in the…

By Abhinav D Anand in Viral on July 6, 2017

Craziness has attained a new and different meaning in today’s times. People are doing stupid and immature things in the name of fun and the implications turn out to be very hazardous. Talking about food industry, the new word ‘molecular gastronomy’ is the latest addition to the vocabulary. In the name of innovation, people are being served with fire shots, liquid nitrogen drinks and even venomous snake bites. If you think it cannot go bizarre than this, make sure you read till the end.


In a recent incident that came to light, a Delhi business has to face a nearly fatal implication when he mistakenly drank a liquid nitrogen drink while partying with his friends. This 30-year old man who refused to give his identity was served with a cocktail that was infused with liquid nitrogen to make it freeze instantly. The guy was told to drink it when the vapour evaporates, but he seemed to be in some hurry and gulped it sooner.


Within minutes, the man complained of uneasiness. He also felt breathlessness and sudden pain in his stomach. His abdomen was also grossly bloated and he was immediately rushed to the Columbia Asia hospital in the state of drowsiness. Blood tests revealed acute lactic acidosis, a condition that is caused due to abnormally high level of lactic acid in the blood. This leads to oxygen deprivation in the body. Also when the doctors performed CT Scan they said that his abdomen looked like an ‘open book’. There was a perforation or hole in his stomach that could only be fixed by surgery.


According to the doctors his condition looked very bad and the chances of his survival were also minimal. The surgery was conducted after taking family’s consent and by God’s grace everything went well. The Delhi-based business is now recovering and what happened to him is surely a learning lesson for others.

How can restaurants and pubs justify the use of such dangerous ingredients in the name of innovation? Is wooing the customers more significant that exposing them to the risk of death? It is high time that the food industry takes enough safety measures when it comes to serving food and drinks to their customers. What is your opinion, do let us know in the comments.


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