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Illegal Cash, Liquor & Gold Has Been Recovered From 3 Poll-Bound States

In the three states, the election authorities have recovered illegal cash, liquor, and drugs worth of Lakhs of Rupees. The state election is near in Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Uttarakhand. During polls, these agencies work with direct supervision of the Election Commission to protect that cash, liquor, and drugs. Even the gold and Silver are not used to effect the voters.

The illegal Cash which is recovered is Rs.104.61 crores. 14.38 lakh liters of Liquor is recovered which is worth of Rs. 38.41 crores.Drugs which is seized totaling is 2465.17 kg, worth of Rs. 8.15 crore. 23 Crores of Gold and Silver is seized.


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