According to Ileana D’Cruz, Akshay Kumar may be known as a superstar but he is an underrated actor. Ileana feels that people talk more about his superstardom as compared to his acting skills. Ileana said that she was surprised as to how the film got over quickly and that she was upset when the film was wrapped.

Asked about the experience of working with Akshay, Ileana said, “It was really amazing to work with him… He’s one of the most underrated actors we have. He’s a superstar… Don’t get me wrong, but as an actor, people talk less about his acting capabilities than his super stardom.”

Ileana D’Cruz said that her relationship with Akshay Kumar in the film is fantastic.

“I normally don’t get emotional when a film gets over. I am actually excited. I was pretty upset when the film wrapped up, and that I couldn’t get back on the set to play the role opposite Akshay. The kind of scenes we have done together have immense amount of chemistry. I haven’t experienced this chemistry with any other actor. There was this beautiful onscreen relationship we shared.”

Ileana D’Cruz and Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie ‘Rustom’ will release on August 12.