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If you have done these 7 things in your life, you have lived it!

Life isn’t just about spending on yourself and enjoying, though it is important to do these things , but the…

By Abhinav D Anand in Life Hacks on June 24, 2017

Life isn’t just about spending on yourself and enjoying, though it is important to do these things , but the bliss after helping somebody else is eternal, and far away from these things. If you haven’t tasted the level of satisfaction after doing helpful deeds for somebody else you haven’t lived your life to the fullest! So here are the 7 things which you must do once in your life span!

1. Feed somebody who is hungry

Countless people sleep without eating, which is very depressing. If you have even once provided food to somebody who needed it, then my friend his/her blessings will help you through every obstacle of life! The feeling of satisfaction after doing such deed is immense.


2. Help an aged person

We would never like to see our parents helpless when they turn old. Similarly, when you see somebody aged struggling with something, Step forward and help them! It is no less than worshiping God.


3. Spend a day with kids in an orphanage

Kids without parents spend their lives in a lot of difficulties, though they never express that, they do! It will become an addiction if you once spend time with these kids! You will feel that you have done something in life because these kids are really special.


4. Help somebody in financial difficulty

Acting as per the need of the hour! If somebody needs money much more than you do, at that point, never say a No! That money can even save somebody’s life! Make a decision wisely.


5. Help somebody out of a difficult situation

At times what a person needs is a person who would listen to him. Be that person! Maybe just sharing things with you will bring relief to them. If you feel they are stuck in a difficult scene, help them out! This is what makes you real human being.


6. Make somebody smile

A smile is a curve, which sets everything straight! Make sure that nobody around you is upset, make everyone smile! Be it through your lame jokes or be it a bunch of flowers. Help somebody smile through tears!


7. Make your parents feel proud

Give a reason to your parents to feel proud of you. They invest their entire life to make us a good individual! That smile is more precious than any expensive stone!


Being a good Human being is more essential!

I hope you will definitely do something from the above-mentioned points and understand the real meaning of life!


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