An ice cream, which doesn’t melt. How does that sound to you? Amazing, right? But is it even possible? The most obvious question. We all know what happens to ice-creams in summers, they melt within few minutes. And that’s the most irritating thing, all sticky and melted ice cream.

Japanese, like always, have come up with a solution that is going to change our lives. Yes, an ice-cream that doesn’t melt. This discovery wasn’t intended but it just happened.

They first considered it as a failure, because this isn’t what they wanted to do, but soon they realized that they have done something which is going to be a revolution in the ice cream industry. And that is exactly what’s happening. This ice-cream is getting famous at Godspeed and people from all over the world are willing to try it out.

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Asahi Shimbun, Japanese news, confirmed that the ice-cream really does not melt. At 28-degree heat, outside, the ice cream didn’t melt.