Yesterday in ICC WORLD T20, After India VS Pakistan match right in the Studios Shoaib Akhtar got hold of ESPN Star Sports Anchor Jatin Sapru, who tried to make fun of Pakistani team in a ridiculous manner after they lost the T20 World Cup match against India at Eden gardens.

The video that went viral of yesterday’s match shows Shoaib Akhtar gets mad on Jatin Sapru and asks not to make fun of his team. After India’s win, Sapru got carried away and laughed at Shoaib Akhtar saying his boys did not play well. Akhtar lost his cool after Sapru supposedly mocked him. As the show resumed after a commercial break, Sapru turned to Akhtar to ask him a question. But before doing so, he let out a momentary laugh with the ‘mauka mauka’ jingle playing in the backdrop.

As soon as Jatin Sapru posed his question, a visibly upset Shoaib Akhtar said:

“First you tell me, why were you laughing just now? You are sitting here to ask my opinion or ridicule me? You can’t call me to the studio and make fun of me” he further added as Jatin Sapru tried to calm him down.”


Kapil Dev, who was sitting next to Shoaib Akhtar, rescued a possibly embarrassing situation for the anchor, as he continued talking about the India-Pakistan match.

“Give Shoaib some time and let him cool down,” Dev told Sapru.


Many Indian Twitter uses agreed with Shoaib Akhtar and said Jatin Sapru  had shown poor sportsman spirit. He also came under criticism at Social Networking such as Reddit. After which all the Indian Cricket fans came up in support for Shoaib Akhtar on micro blogging site.

Here are Few tweets that Indian Cricket Fans wrote in Support to Shoaib Akhtar:




Check out the ICC WORLD T20 India VS Pakistan match Shoaib Akhtar Video Here: