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ICC: Faf du Plessis found guilty for ball tampering, but can play in Adelaide this week.

South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis will play the day-night Test instead of being banned in the Hobart Test for ball tempering,…

By Administrator in Cricket on November 22, 2016

South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis will play the day-night Test instead of being banned in the Hobart Test for ball tempering, in the match. This is the second time in three years he has been caught for breaking rules. International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive David Richardson, laid the charges related to clause 2.2.9 of the ICC’s Code of Conduct, which leads to wrong’s in “changing the condition of the ball”  in breach of the Laws of Cricket.

Du Plessis has found guilty, but not been banned to play his next match in Adelaide this week.

The Laws of Cricket, in turn, will allow the players to polish the ball provided that no artificial substances has been used in polishing with no time waste in any case. On Tuesday afternoon, ICC match referee Andy Pycroft at the Adelaide Oval had a marathon three-hour lengthy hearing with Du plessis. The International Cricket Council (ICC) while laying charges explains that ” Du Plessis was shown in a TV footage applying saliva to shine the ball, but it was a mint instead which was an artificial material applied to the ball so that the ball could spin faster” this was clearly breaking rules.

On Tuesday evening,the ICC stated ” The umpire’s evidence on the whole incident that they had seen the wrong happening in front of their eyes they could have taken immediate action though”. Even the MCC  head of cricket John Stephenson confirmed the video footage taken by MCC of Du Plessis transferring some artificial substance on the ball in their records and clarified all the doubts. The new ICC code of conduct adopted in September, exclaims the indiscretion in Hobart was treated as a first offence.

South African cricketer Du Plessis has addition to the fine, three demerit points have been added to the disciplinary record. He has been given 48 hours to appeal to the verdict. The sanction will be the next face of the incident. 100% match fee fine would be the maximum fee penalty for the level 2 breach.

Looking forward to the verdict of du Plessis, who had been represented by CSA’s legal counsel held via teleconference.

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