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I am from Kolkata and this is why I will never give up eating Rasgullas

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal and is fondly referred as the ‘City of Joy.’ It is quite famous…

By Administrator in Featured Food on February 15, 2017

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal and is fondly referred as the ‘City of Joy.’ It is quite famous for its creative art galleries, magnificent colonial architecture, and cultural festivals. Any discussion about Kolkata is incomplete without the mention of mouth-watering sweets. Bengali’s have been well-known for their sweet tooth and their likeness for anything sugary that can get them salivating. You will even find households in Bengal with girls named as ‘Mithi’ ‘Mishti’ or even ‘Mithu’ implying sweetness. Indeed that says it all!
Talking about sweets, Rasgullas or ‘Roshogolla’ (as you commonly hear) is the most famous sweet of Bengal. Made from chenna or Indian cottage cheese, It is the most renowned culinary weapon for Bengali’s. Dipped in sweet sugary syrup, the taste of these round balls of chenna are sure to get you weak on your knees. The sweet taste lingers in the mouth for long and trust me you cannot satiate your cravings in just one.

Rasgulla is one such typical Bengali sweet that is liked by one and all. Even a non-Bengali residing in Kolkata can vouch for its taste.

rasgulla kolkata

Rasgulla or Roshogulla was introduced in Kolkata by Nobin Chandra Das who was also famously referred as ‘Roshogulla’s Columbus’. Formerly a traditional sweet of Orissa, rasgulla has become the most relished sweet delicacy of Bengal, especially Kolkata. It is still not known to all that this famous sweet was not invented in Bengal.
Any sweet shop in Kolkata has rasgulla as the hottest selling items. K.C. Das Grandson Pvt Ltd, a sweet shop run by the forerunners of Nobin Chandra Das is the oldest and more distinguished place to whiff the sweet aroma of rasgullas. Their roshogullas are not only famous in town but marketed to other parts of the country.

It is indeed comforting to see rasgullas sold in grocery stores in even countries such as America and United Kingdom.

Being from Kolkata I can pompously proclaim my inclination for eating rasgullas. Their sweet aroma is good enough to get anyone salivating and wanting for more. If you like experimenting do try out the different flavors of this characteristic Bengali sweet, readily available these days.

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