The Musheerabad police arrested eight boys who were involved in burning three puppies alive were produced and sent to the Juvenile Justice Board on 21 July. Five of them directly participated in the act of burning the puppies, the other two extended them the logistic support by videographing the filmed the act. They admitted they had killed the puppies for fun, the boys told the police.

On July 16, while they were playing cricket, they heard a noise and noticed the three puppies lying in a corner. One of the boys, aged 14, was disturbed by the noise made by the puppies and planned to kill them.

According to Mumbai Mirror, All of them are from lower middle-class backgrounds and their fathers are engaged in menial jobs, as per the investigators. An accused’s mother who is a maid was shocked to learn that her son, who was regular at school, had committed such a grave offence.

“Their setting ablaze the shrieking pups, shoving them back into fire, laughing and capturing the cruelty on mobile phones shows a criminal tendency,“They may turn hardcore criminals if not handled properly.” clinical psychologist Havovi Hyderabadiwala told Hindustan Times. Hyderabadiwala suggested that the accused and their parents should be given counselling.

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The incident, which happened at Vazir graveyard near Ek Minar mosque in Hyderabad Musheerabad area on July 16, came to light on Wednesday when the video clip was posted on Facebook and within hours it went viral on social media.