In Indian Society, many times we hear about the dowry cases and lots of things have done to tackle the dowry cases. But it’s shocking that it is still wide-spreading in the society which involves educated and well-qualified people.

Recently, we got a shocking news from Hyderabad. The police from Hyderabad have arrested a husband who is a Software Engineer killed his 25-year-old wife. Husband killed her just because she couldn’t clear the MBBS exam. Husband his parents are arrested.

A Woman named Harika Kumar was killed by her husband and her parents stated that it was a planned murder. They have also filed a complaint of harassment for dowry.

Husband Allegedly Burnt Wife To Death Coz She Failed To Clear MBBS Exam

On Sunday night Husband Rushi Kumar called Harika’s mother and told her that Harika had set fire on herself. This incident took place in LB Nagar’s Rock Town Colony near Hyderabad.

LB Nagar Division ACP, Venugopala Rao said, Her husband said Harika committed suicide, but after the police reached the spot it was seen to be a murder. Police suspect that Rushi has killed his wife.

Her parents told police that, from past some time Harika was trying to clear the medical entrance exam, but she couldn’t clear even this year. Though she couldn’t clear MBBS but she was selected for Bachelor of Dental Surgery course at a private college. Rushi was not happy as Harika didn’t get MBBS Seat and he used to threaten her to give divorce.

Harika’s mother and sister said Rushi and Harika got married two years ago. Rushi used to harass her as she was not getting a seat in MBBS. This year she got admission in BDS. He was harassing her for dowry also and we can say it’s a planned murder.

The ACP Venugopala Rao said the cause of her death, whether she was choked before she was set on fire. Everything will be known after the Post Morterm is done. The investigation is going on and the reports are awaited. Rushi is booked and a case has been filed against him under Cr.P.C section 174 for a suspicious death.

RIP Harika Kumar!!