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Hyderabad: Class IX girl molested after Republic Day event

In Hyderabad, at LB Nagar in a private school, a Physical Education Trainer molested a 9th class girl on Thursday after…

By Administrator in News on January 29, 2017

In Hyderabad, at LB Nagar in a private school, a Physical Education Trainer molested a 9th class girl on Thursday after the Republic Day ceremony. This incident came out when the girl refused to go to the school that time she revealed this matter to her family. On Saturday her parents got to know about this incident.
LB Nagar police arrested the Physical Educational Trainer. His name is Idupulati Raja, and he was sent to a remand. The girl’s family said that from Thursday the girl was in a shock. After she heard about Raja’s arrest, now she is happy. From class I the girl is studying in the same school, but now they will shift her to another school. She is just 16-year-old from Bandlaguda.
According to the police, Raja is 29-years-old from Krishna district. Raja has completed his graduation in Physical Training, and for four years he was working at Genius Grammar High School. Raja was staying the school campus only.
The police said, from past few days he was “misbehaving with the girl and talking to her in vulgar language. Out of fear, she didn’t complain to the school authorities”.

The girl was in fear, so Raja took an advantage and molested the girl. On 26th January all the school celebrates Republic Day even in this school, there was a function. After the ceremony got over few of the students were with the school staff helping them to pack the material of the event. At this time Raja told the girl to keep the mike set in the storeroom.
The sub-inspector G. Sudarshan said,“Raja followed her into the room. He asked her to kiss him and molested her. When she tried to raise an alarm, he threatened her”. The case has been registered against Raja under the section 354 of IPC and Section 12 of the POCSO Act.
The girl didn’t to go to School on Friday by telling she is not well. Again on Saturday also she refused to go when her parents questioned her she said she wants to change the school. Her elder sister spoke about the molestation on further inquiries. Her sister said,“She tried to give some excuses and then she opened up. After this, I informed my parents. She said he was misbehaving with other girls, but no one dared to speak against him.”

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