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This is how Hrithik Roshan proposed to Kangana Ranaut in Paris in 2014

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has got to be the dirtiest split in Bollywood ever. It’s been two years since Hrithik Roshan…

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 17, 2016

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has got to be the dirtiest split in Bollywood ever. It’s been two years since Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, reportedly, broke up. But it is only recently that the ex-files have become public. The legal battle between the two actors is getting murkier by the day. After the reports of the ex-lovers sending legal notices to each other surfaced, a close friend of the Queen actor has now opened a can of worms.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the close friend has spilled the beans on the relationship between Hrithik and Kangana Ranaut. It all began on the sets of the 2010 film Kites. From being just co-actors to good friends, the two soon became more serious about each other.

The friend said:

“It started out as a friendship between two people who were both going through a rough patch, during the shooting of Kites in 2009. His marriage was in trouble and his relationship with his Kites co-star, Mexican model-actress Barbara Mori, wasn’t working out. Kangana was going through troubles of her own and they found solace in each other’s company and became good friends”


In fact, Hrithik pursued Kangana for six months to be a part of his 2013 home production Krrish 3. “That’s when they got into a relationship after he confided in her that he and his wife slept in separate bedrooms,” added the friend.

But the relation remained a secret due to Hrithik’s marital status. However, soon enough Kangana realized that the relationship would always remain a secretive one, and she took off to Milan alone. However, as soon as Hrithik and Sussanne Khan made their split public in December 2013, the Bang Bang actor chased Kangana to Paris to pop the question in January 2014.

The friend even quoted Hrithik’s proposal, “You may think this is coming out of a rebound. But I have no doubts about our future happiness because you are the only person who has never judged me. And I have felt a strong connection with you from Day One.”

The daily further reports that Kangana had her doubts if Hrithik was proposing her on a rebound. But after a lot of assurance, Kangana said a “yes”. But things started to change after the Jodha Akhbar actor started shooting for Bang Bang in Februray 2014. Hrithik started to ignore Kangana and the two finally broke up by the end of 2014.

But it was only in 2016 that people got to know about the differences between Hrithik and Kangana when, in an interview to Pinkvilla earlier this year, Ranaut had referred to Roshan as her ‘ex’ who was doing ‘silly things to get her attention’. Hrtihik hit back with a tweet, which said, “There are more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming. Thanks but no thanks (sic)”.

Now, Hrithik has sent a legal notice to Kangana accusing her of ‘defaming’ him and of trying to create an image of him and her having been in a relationship. Following this, Kangana sent Hrithik a 22-page notice alleging threat and intimidation.


Source: MissMalini, Mumbai Mirrior
Source: MissMalini, Mumbai Mirrior


At Karan Johar’s party, Hrithik is said to have got upset with Kangana for setting up a date with a younger actor. At that time, Kangana realized that he had hacked into her email account to know this personal information. She then reportedly called up Rakesh Roshan to tell him to look into the matter and later deleted the account and decided to stay away.

Both the stars gave another chance to the relationship and they were doing well enough for Hrithik Roshan private circle to even call her ‘bhabhi’, claims the source. But after the email incident, Hrithik reportedly posted a man outside Kangana Ranaut house to keep an eye on her every movement. That’s when the relationship came to a full stop, only to surface in the public domain in an ugly manner now.



Lets Pray ki Hrithik Roshan Aur Kangana Ranaut ka Jhagda jaldi khatam ho jaye aur phir se ek baar Hrithik, Kangana ko propose kare!!

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