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Holy Shit! Someone throwing his own POOP out of a window in Gurugram that's so Ridiculous.

Please don’t imagine! This is the harsh fact although something so dirty. A tower in Gurugram, Belvedere Towers in DLF City has been in an annoying situation these days. The residents of Belvedere Towers are really in a disgusting condition which no one must have thought to go through in such a society. What weird is happening to wonder right? Someone a resident or a stranger no idea is allegedly throwing poops on the ground from up on some floor of the building.
No one has any idea of the person who is playing the dangerous prank, but it has made everyone pissed. Who knows you are walking into the resident and someone just throws Shit on you. Yuck! Right!But this is no Joke! The residents are facing a huge problem because of this stupidity, and the main thing is they are unable to find the person who is doing such things.
Residents have sent a letter to the association for seeking help and catching the culprit for doing such mischievous things which create problem for everyone in the society. The sting of the poop is spreading all over, and because of which the various insects and flies accommodate in the vicinity which is harmful it may lead to bad diseases and make the area unhealthy to a great extent.

Here on the other side people are making fun of the ‘Shitty’ situation.

After the incident came to social media, there are tweets where people are sharing such same situations from all over

What do the laborers do then? They shit there only where they are constructing your tower and later the crows take some shit and drop it near your place. SHiiiiii Right? But the Hard Truth.

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