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Hindu Sena Celebrated Donald Trump’s Birthday Like Any Other Party With Cake, Balloons And Posters At Jantar Mantar In Delhi.

A Hindu Sena group celebrated the 70th birthday of Donald Trump in New Delhi on Tuesday, calling the U.S. presidential contender the “saviour of humanity” who could end the global threat posed by Islamist militants. With a birthday cake, balloons and posters including one showing Trump with a gun, the group celebrated Trump’s birthday. About 20 members of the right-wing Hindu Sena political group cut the three-tiered cake and held a piece up to a photo of Trump while singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

Their reason for celebrating Trump’s birthday was simple; they believe in Trump and agree with his strong opinions about Muslims. “Trump has said Muslims should be banned from entering America. Everyone should support that,” said Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta.

Source: topyaps.com

Vishnu Gupta Hindu Sena leader also said, “Donald Trump is speaking the entire world’s ‘mann ki baat’ against Islamic terror and we support it. The BJP used to speak against Islamic terror, but after coming to power it has also become a ‘secular party”.

On Monday, photos of Hindu Sena’s printed invite to celebrate Donald Trump’s birthday were doing the rounds of social media much to the pleasure and displeasure of users.When asked why they are so enthusiastic about Trump’s birthday, all activists agreed that only Trump could wipe out ‘Islamic Terrorism’ from the face of the earth.

Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta said they were inspired by Donald Trump hard talk against Islamic militants, and called him the future “king of the United States.”

The Hindu Sena had earlier organised a ‘havan’ in May 2016, praying for Trump’s success in the US Presidential elections. Gupta further said that they will organise similar events in the future including a rally outside the American embassy in New Delhi and the JNU campus.

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