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Hilarious! Now payment for public toilet made by cheque.

Humor is all about losing up your stress and throwing your stressful situation away. Over the past three weeks, nothing has created tension and chaos among the Indian common man then the demonetization move taken up by PM Narendra Modi on 8th November. There has been a very sharp conversion towards the economy which is cashless by the population of the urban city, which was the intention of the Pm on the first place. The liquidity of the lower-denomination notes in the market is slowing down day by day.

Alas! Rs 100, Rs 10 and Rs 5 notes overnight became the most valued possession, and many people who treasured it, is using for emergency, leading to various transactions. Paytme-wallets are used in various regions. Some are even using cheque, for the payment, which is not so unusual and new- but what is really hilarious is the amount for which the cheque had been written.

Country moving towards "Cashless Economy". Payment made by cheque for Rs. 5 for using the Public Toilet in Madurai, TN. Goosebumps !!

Posted by B R Muralidharan on Friday, December 2, 2016

But ever thought that someone would write a 5 rupee cheque for using a public toilet! We really don’t know whether it is really been done or it is just a prank. Whatever it may be, social media is trending on it and spreading through a lot of online space.

HAHAHAHAHA! What kind of people stay around India!

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