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Here’s what it feels to be the YOUNGEST in the family!

Being the youngest in the family has its own set of perks and hurdles as well. The youngest child is…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle Relationship on May 5, 2017

Being the youngest in the family has its own set of perks and hurdles as well. The youngest child is indeed the favorite and the most loved one, yet it is extremely difficult to deal with the tantrums and commands of the older siblings. Are you the youngest member of your family? If yes, this is the right post for you that will instantly make you feel good. Read on to know the perks of being the youngest and it will make look all the cons trivial.

1. You are always safe in the accusation game –

When children are thrashed for their naughtiness, the youngest one is spared first because of their innocence.


2. Your tears are convincing –

Parents cannot see tears in the eyes of their youngest child. This even works with older siblings. Everyone in the family easily sympathizes with the youngest child and you can effortlessly get away with plenty (if not all) things.


3. You get the biggest share in the gifts –

Every time a distant relative comes to your house, you are one who is never forgotten when it comes to gifts. Being the youngest, your share is also the largest among all. No wonder if your siblings despise you.


4. You get to learn without committing mistakes yourself –

As the youngest member, you have seen and lived your older sibling’s experiences. You learn from their mistakes and it is least likely that you would ever repeat them in future, after seeing the consequences.


5. You get more liberty –

Your parents have battled a lot with your older siblings about the right and wrong deeds. They are so tired of all this now that they tend to allow privileges to the youngest offspring quite early. So while your older brother had to fight a huge battle to get his first phone, for you, it’s more like a cake walk.


6. You are everyone’s favorite

This is something that makes up for all the older sibling’s abuse. As the youngest member of the family, others tend to confide and trust you easily. You share a special love bond with each and every member. Isn’t it just awesome!


So next time, when your older siblings pretend to be the boss in the house, read this post and you will know who’s the real winner.

Being the youngest couldn’t be cooler! Right 🙂

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