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Here is why Salman Khan kicked out Priya Jagga from Bigg Boss 10

As it was expected, Priyanka Jagga one of the worst contestant in Big Boss ever was kicked out and that…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 25, 2016

As it was expected, Priyanka Jagga one of the worst contestant in Big Boss ever was kicked out and that too by Salman Khan. He also made it sure that she will be never seen on colors again. Jagga was one of those participants who turned out to be a head-ace for not only participant but viewers too and at last for the host Salman too.

Photo courtesy: Colorstv.com

The Big Boss 10 contestant’s brother claimed that she is not well and is currently suffering from a bad health. He also posted the same on social media. This was the reason given by her too, for not continuing the show any further and she had made a chaos about it all-over the house.

But actually it was Salman who kicked her out because of her rude and unethical behavior in house and with him too. In the episode telecasted on Saturday it was seen that Salman was not happy with Priyanka because of her foul comments to Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi’s mother who recently passed away.

Also in the Weekend ka Vaar, Priyanka argued with Salman, which he didn’t liked at all and showed her the way out of the show.

Plenty of Big Boss 10 fans were relieved by this act of Salman, as they too didn’t like her at all and believed this should have been done few episodes back. So it was not only her rusty behavior with fellow participants but the over-boldness and always wanted to argue- nature with Salman which lead her out of the show.

Photo courtesy: Colorstv.com

Another participant, Om Swami also exhibited similar behavior and broke the bathroom door while performing a task as a result Bigg Boss himself shouted at him and warned him about the consequences. Apart from it he also passed disrespectful comments to Manu Punjabi and girlfriend Priya Saini. Still he is prevailing in house, god knows how?

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