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Here Is The Apple Watch 2 Release Date, News, Features, Specs And Everything Else You Want To Know

The Apple Watch 2 is rumored to release this June. However, latest reports stated that it might get pushed back…

By Administrator in Technology on June 28, 2016

The Apple Watch 2 is rumored to release this June. However, latest reports stated that it might get pushed back to September due to some delays on the technical completion for the wearable. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) appear closer, what better way to keep track of the almost a week and a half left before the convention begins then with the next version of the Apple Watch.

Ming Chi-Kuo, who is renowned for his accuracy, says fans should not expect a big design overhaul. The watch will adopt the same upgrade cycle as the iPhone, he says, with “S” models simply featuring hardware updates released in alternate years to the major developments. As such, he believes the Apple Watch 2 will come with very minor design changes, but will boast brand new specs underneath.

The Apple Watch 2 release in September is more likely as it will place the Apple Watch 2 launch alongside release of the next iPhone 7.

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The Apple Watch 2 will 20% to 40% thinner than its previous watch. It would also have a smaller camera on the top bezel of the device which would allow users to have video recordings and enables the user to answer calls a better Wi-Fi chipset and a bigger battery. However, all of these are still rumors as of we speak, but experts are strongly leaning to these possibilities regarding Apple’s promise to improve the Apple Watch 2.

The latest patent to hit the internet regarding the Apple Watch 2 is an interesting one. The patent is entitled “Volume Control for Mobile Device Using a Wireless Device” which was filed back in 2015 along with a slew of other Apple Watch related patents. The patent describes a device that can adjust the alert volume of the iPhone based on the level of sound generated. the Apple Watch 2 could come with a brand new of the firm’s watch operating system. Watch OS 2 launched, so expecting WatchOS 3 at some point this year isn’t radical. The site adds that our first look at the new system could come at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference next month.

Instead of focusing on the design of the Apple Watch or its hardware, this latest patent is more software oriented.

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There are even speculations that Apple is planning to infuse cellular connectivity with the new watch providing support for both 3G and 4G connections. The company is said to be working on a new eSIM standard in collaboration with Samsung, Microsoft and Qualcomm according to several reports, while others suggest the use of technology similar to AT&T’s Number Sync that would allow single SIM to be used for both watch and phone.

Apple is considered to be in a good position to track the development of apps for the Apple Watch as it is used by 100,000 developers. Based on its statistics, interest in the device has declined markedly this year compared to the last one when the device was released. Anglade even outlined that there is only one app being designed for the Apple watch in every 1,000 new ones that are being made for iOS.

When new products release, these is usually a mad scramble to create apps for it. However, since the Apple Watch released in April last year, it appears that it has been relegated to the role of a “companion device.” Also, there is not much money to be made by creating apps for the Apple Watch.

The lack of apps being developed for the device might be among the biggest problem in Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook’s promise that the Apple Watch will be “getting better and better.”

Apple Watch 2 as there will be more Watch specific apps once the company introduces the developers to new features.

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On Apple Watch 2 new screens you can scroll or tap to select and then confirm with your new fancy ‘OK’ button. You could even use it without looking at the screen or knowing anything after a bit of haptic feedback. At the very end of the list of face apps you could add a group of icons that would allow you to pin new ones to your list.

Apple is adding a new setting in the watchOS 3 Activity app for wheelchair users. When you toggle it on, your watch will recognize your wheelchair use with hourly “time to roll” notifications instead of “time to stand,” two new workouts in the Workout app, and recognition of wheelchair pushes toward your activity rings.

If Apple is expecting increased sales of the new model there are two possible reasons for that. One is the arrival of Watch OS 3, which includes a number of improvements and which itself is expected this fall, likely to coincide with the Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors: Selfie Camera; Health Sensor and Other Advanced Features Mean ‘Twice More Expensive’

Apple Watch 2 price

Fans should expect more stylish design for The Apple Watch 2 and possibly cleverer user-interface. However, with all of the advanced features, this smartwatch could likely cost a fortune. The first Apple smartwatch was priced at $349 and it drops to $299 during the sales. Apple Watch 2 price is expected to be much more expensive than that.

However, as the device was already offered at a discounted price earlier this year, which also gave rise to speculations that Apple Watch 2 was at hand, the new discounted prices of the current Apple Watch cannot be the basis for claiming that a second-generation Apple Watch is just hiding within the corner.

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