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Here Is How Manu Reacted On Monalisa And Gaurav’s Closeness In The Bath Tub Task!

Finally, Manu Punjabi is back in the show and has entered into the secret room with Priyanka Jagga, things have changed…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 13, 2016

Finally, Manu Punjabi is back in the show and has entered into the secret room with Priyanka Jagga, things have changed inside the house. As the time is passing the show is bringing big twists and even in the coming episodes there are so many twists and turns which will shock you. As we all know in the nominations task Manveer, Rahul, Lopa, Nitibha, and Bani are nominated. Now again Bigg Boss has introduced a new task to all the housemates and guess what??? When the task is going on between the housemates Manu and Priyanka Jagga will decide the results of the task.

Yes, you read it right, Bigg Boss will ask some questions to the housemates and they should lock their answeres through a poll. All the housemates are unaware that the final decisions of their questions will be taken by Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga. Both of them got an opportunity to rule the house from the secret room. Isn’t it an interesting twist.

Here Is How Manu Reacted After Sending Mona and Gaurav into the Bath Tub?

From all the questions one question was, ““Which two housemates should get into the Jacuzzi? Manu and Priyanka mutually decide Gaurav and Mona’s name for the same. Monalisa and Gaurav chopra goes into the bath tub for the task. All the housemates are surprised by seeing their hot chemistry in the Jacuzzi. Gaurav goes inside without shirt and Mona wears her swimsuit and they have some fun, all the other housemates gather inside the washroom to see both of them.

After seeing all this how Manu reacted to this hot bathtub dance! The reaction of Manu from the secret room was shocking.

When Mona and Gaurav gets close to each other, Manu looks upset with his decision. When he sees both of them close to each other he loses his temper. It looks like Manu is feeling sad by sending Gaurav and Mona together in the Jacuzzi. Though it was a task but he din’t like it.

We need to see how all the housemates will react after the re-entry of Manu Panjabi and Priyanka Jagga inside the house!

Check out some photos of Mona And Gaurav in the Jacuzzi.

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