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Here is a video of giving a tight slap on Youtuber 'The crazy Sumit' for his kissing prank.

Women safety has become one of the biggest issues in the country which needs to be taken seriously and into consideration soon. We cannot wait for anymore Bengaluru incident. What is more Shameful on social media is the Youtuber who has a channel known as ‘The crazy Sumit’ plays kissing pranks on a local street. Remember? Just a few days ago he got famous on social media for his disgusting act.
Sumit used to go on the streets hold on any girl and just kiss him without knowing them any stranger women. When he gets caught, he used to reply it was just a prank this was reported by one of the women after which he got discovered. Isn’t that stupid how can you just kiss anyone on streets any stranger women? What Sumit is doing is not less than molesting any women he has no right to play such pranks and he used to share videos on his Youtube channel.
Sumit was caught after social media made him go viral by the police in Delhi. Sumit had made a video apologizing for his wrongdoing in public places but thank god he wasn’t left free. The Delhi police filed a FIR against him after Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal slammed it. The Economic Offences Wing and it’s Cyber cells wrote to Facebook and YouTube to divulge details about the prankster.

Here is how the Youtuber got slammed on social media later.

Do you feel that he should only be given a small punishment? Who has given him the right to even touch a women’s body? This is ridiculous. Kissing pranks on Youtube channel will motivate wrong happenings.

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