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Here Are Top 7 Things You Should Stop Doing in 2017, Seriously!

2017 is already on the cards and so is a new opportunity for each one of us to be a…

By Administrator in Life Hacks on January 6, 2017

2017 is already on the cards and so is a new opportunity for each one of us to be a better version of ourselves, our quest to achieve our desires depends on our decisions and its implementation. Here are few habits that we should avoid:

1. Excessive Thinking of Past and Missed Opportunities:

We should be absolutely indubitable in understanding the fact that what’s done is already done and cannot be changed so we should not overthink on what we have missed and instead we should work hard for the future.

2. Playing the Blame Game:

This is the most common mistake that we do, we should understand that we are solely responsible for our decisions and actions and thus blaming others might temporarily relieve us from self-guilt but never solves the problem, taking charge of our mistakes and putting diligent efforts to rectify is recommended.

3. Self-Comparison:

There is a difference between you and others and that’s exactly why we are two different individuals and not one, we should not compare ourselves with others as no two individuals can be exactly the same, this comparison is time-consuming and pointless.

4. Being in the Negative Zone:

This is the worst that one can do and because of this, many other problems become incipient. We should resolute to stop being a pessimist and sceptic. Being an optimist and seeing everything through positive aspects improves us overall and makes us an example for others.

5. Procrastinating Every Action:

Accomplishing a task is important but accomplishing it in a defined time duration is also essentially crucial, once we delay a task it becomes a bad habit and this year we should resolute to be proactive in all our task.

6. The proliferation of Self-Esteem:

Being confident contributes to your personality and makes exceptionally distinguished and eminent but if the subtle difference between confidence and vanity is not maintained, one tends to be pompous.

7. Setting up Unrealistic Goals:

Our resolutions should always be rational and achievable as a failure in the attempt of achieving goals can be depressing and cause immense confidence breakdown so to avoid this we should set goals that are plausible.

This year we should stay determined, positive and make efforts to put all these things in practice and live a better life ahead.

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