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Here Are Top 7 Movies of Aamir Khan That You Can Watch Forever !

According to me, the best Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan, there a couple of reasons of substantiating my claim which I…

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 14, 2016

According to me, the best Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan, there a couple of reasons of substantiating my claim which I will categorize based on his movies. But today let’s see Top 7 Aamir Khan Movie and the reason why they are on the Top from all the other in the competition.

1. PK

This 2014 movie ‘PK’, Showcasing nudity on a poster in an easy feat but he managed to do it. He tackles to issue of religious intolerance and superstitious godmen corrupting the nation in a satirical and humorous manner. Also, the use of an alien to attack this sensitive issue seems “realistic” considering no one in their right minds would probably bother to go to such lengths to prove their point and prove these godmen wrong. Acting skills – showcasing the comical side along with this accent that he managed to pull off flawlessly.


2. DHOOM 3

Granted, this movie was not as great as the money it earned. But as said before, lets focus objectively on his acting skills. Doing a dual role, with split personalities is again not an easy feat. He showed his capability of doing an action movie and playing an antagonist whom people root for. The movie had a lot of mistakes but most will agree his acting was on point.



One of my favorite movies of all time and maybe a lot more other people have loved this movie too, there was a little bit of everyone in this movie. He managed to portray the issue of bullying, competitive rote-dependent students in premier colleges, the expectation of parents over students, etc. Coming to his acting skills, he tackled the movie with grace with how he mystified the character of Rancho as well as making him lovable and caring.


4. Ghajini

I am sure you remember this movie. There was a whole uproar over how Aamir transformed his body for this particular role. There are not many actors in Bollywood who can boast of going through strenuous transformations for a particular role and then carry on a normal life. Same thing that happened with Shahrukh Khan for Dard-e-disco. Aamir’s acting was simply superb, to be humble. He portrayed a double role again as a lovable businessman falling for a common girl in the 1st part and transforming into that revenge-seeking monstrous being out to avenge his lover’s death. When you have such a great body, even action sequences seem a little believable. This movie is based on the Hollywood film Memento but the effort put in by the actor is clearly “Visible”.



5. Lagaan

I am sure you remember this movie. If you don’t, then I suggest you go watch it RIGHT FREAKING NOW! This movie even got an Oscar nomination at a time, when India didn’t even come close to Oscars. Slumdog Millionaire might be the first film to win but it was still by a foreign producer. This movie was truly Indian-made, about India and India’s win over Britishers. Love him or hate him, you can never forget Aamir Khan’s role of Bhuvan. Lagaan received critical acclaim and awards at international film festivals, as well as many Indian film awards. It became the third Indian film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film after Mother India.

6. Andaaz Apna Apna

Want to tickle your funny bone? Try this movie! Not only Aamir Khan, but also Salman Khan did a great job of being one of the romantics chasing after the heroine. This movie is one of the classics and almost every Indian has seen it multiple times and it’s still funny!

7. Sarfarosh

One of my most favorite Aamir movies of all time is Sarfarosh. Its mysterious, thrilling, romantic and most importantly, uplifting. Aamir’s acting as a tough Crime Branch DGP even appalls Sonali Bendre in the movie, when he chases down a goon on the road in front of all the people. The movie even tackles racism and how Aamir’s character supports his Muslim friend allowing him to work on the case and help nab the culprit.

I can further put more movies but these are the highlights of his career. I don’t want to criticize other actors, but when someone goes through so effort in every individual film, it really brings out an accurate portrayal of the character in the movie. Each movie, he tackles a different aspect and continues to surprise us.

There have been numerous times Aamir Khan has proved that he’s the best man to impart education through entertainment.

Let us know about your favorite Aamir Khan Movie of all time that you love to watch and makes you go like it’s the first time you are watching it !!


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