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Here are top 5 YouTube Cover artist you should subscribe right now for the Best Bollywood music.

My Bathroom singing to walking talking everywhere Bollywood music is 24*7 alive in me. There is a song for every…

By Administrator in Bollywood on January 30, 2017

My Bathroom singing to walking talking everywhere Bollywood music is 24*7 alive in me. There is a song for every situation of my life from teasing a friend to making someone cry. Haha! I love that the silent music just makes them shut their mouth and everyone becomes Atif Aslam. We have made Bollywood a daily routine of our life.
Youtube has to be thanked for music from the oldest song to the new trailers and albums. Youtube artist are more interest they give you such an amazing version of the same song you love that you start wondering could it be so better although. They do a great job mix up some good old songs with the new have their own soulful singing attached to it.

Here is some Youtube artist who give you the different versions of your Bollywood music and mashups.

1. Sanam Puri.

Sanam Puri is a very famous artist and is a part of a band ‘Sanam’. ‘Duaa’ cover of them is a worth listening song by the Youtube artist. He is the lead vocalist of the band and a very popular Indian singer.

2. Shirley Setia

The cutest girl and singer I have ever seen but wait that’s not the only commendable thing about her. Shirley is young and beautiful so is her music she is one of the highest viewed Youtuber artists. Her mashup of Soch Na Sake is just amazing.

3. Jonita Gandhi

She is the next Bollywood music sensation, especially on Internet. Her ‘Pani da’ version went viral and rose most fame for her on Youtube. She has collaborated with the big musician like A.R.Rahman and Vishal-Shekhar.

4. Vidya Vox

Vidya Vox who is Vidya Iyer a Chennai based girl who is now very popular because of here Youtube music. The merger of her with Chainsmoker and Kabira has got more than millions of view on Youtube and has made her more famous. Her choice of songs and her music is different which attracts the youth.

5. Sidharth Salathia

He is one of the youngest famous Youtube artists and has its ventures too. You will remember him if I tell you about his famous song ‘Sanu ek Pal Chain Na aava.’ Yes, that guy he has given Bollywood music his new way of looking at it and has made many mashups with his albums.
Bollywood music with your Hollywood music there are all types of the genre if you don’t prefer Hindi music much. One of my favorites is Chain smoker with Kabira and amazing mashups by Vidya and even Shirley with her looks her music also is soo soothing to hear the ‘Bol do Na Zara’ version.

From mashups to albums Bollywood music in a different way by these talented Youtube artist.

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