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Here Are Top 5 Tips To Invest Rs. 5 That Could End Up In Making Upto Rs. 100 In A Days Time!

Do not look elsewhere I am going to share a secret that will make you a millionaire faster. What makes…

By Administrator in Featured Lifestyle on March 17, 2016

Do not look elsewhere I am going to share a secret that will make you a millionaire faster. What makes you Rich is your investing habits. This is how you can Invest Rs. 5 & make Rs. 100 in a day’s time. Here we go check these ideas out!


1. Buy any pen of Rs. 5 –
Find an engineering student who needs to complete assignment ASAP.
Write assignments, He will definitely offer you more than Rs. 100 !

2. Sell water packages –
Each plastic package takes around 50 paise. Fill them with water. Sell them near bus stops , temples – any place which requires lot of waiting  in sun. Each pouch, depending on demand might sell from 2.5 to 5 rs. For the first time you will make 20 rs. Invest it again in water pouches. Repeating the process, you will be able to earn 100 rs under 1 week.

3. Go to any Govt. offices –
You may see many illiterate people who don’t know what to do. Just help them they will pay you.
LOL! Just being Sarcastic.

4. Buy any God/Goddess picture worth Rs. 2/-
Place it under a tree, Peepal tree will be the best. Put remaining Rs. 3 in front of the picture. Watch it from distance. By the end of the day you will most probably make it to Rs. 100.


5. Buy an A4 or A3 sheet(Rs. 1), a pencil(Rs. 2), an eraser and a sharpener(Rs. 2) –
Your investment = Rs. 5

If you are an Artist:
Go to the nearest public place where you can find couples and explain that you can draw their picture for ₹100.

If you are a mechanic:
Walk to the highway and write a sign board saying “Can repair almost any vehicle for 100 Rupees!”(provided that the vehicle contains the tools needed to repair). You could replace the flat tyres, check for radiator, oil leakage etc. 

If you are an IT employee:
Write a sign board saying “can debug the code for 100+ Rupees” and go to the nearest public IT area(during lunch time and evenings) where people might be sitting in front of their laptops and scratching their heads.



Recharge your mobile with One day internet pack. That should be around Rs. 5. 

Walk to every home on a neighbourhood to enquire about the availability of home service jobs. Plumbing, electricity etc. Tell them you are from a Manpower consultancy. Once you have a task assigned by them. Fix a reasonable amount. Go to Just dial website using the data pack. Submit your request to as many electricians and plumbers,hardware shops as possible.

You will start receiving calls from the vendors. Keep communicating with everybody until you get a decent cut. Say,8-10%. Assuming average ticket size to be around Rs.500. That gives you Rs.50 per transaction.



There are lot of things you can do based on your skill.  But Watch this Award winning kannada short Film “Ambani the investor”


Want to be a street smart person. Be a good Investor, invest Rs. 5 & make Rs. 100 in a day’s time.


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