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Here are top 5 places in Mumbai you can take your girl for date in 2017.

You are always finding a new place to go out with your Girl. Dates have always been special in your…

By Administrator in Food on January 3, 2017

You are always finding a new place to go out with your Girl. Dates have always been special in your love life that’s the moment you both will cherish a lifetime. Your hot boy is finding for you a beautiful place obviously not beautiful than you but for a perfect date and a memorable one you need somewhere to go you remember all your life and cherish those moments. Here are the best top 5 restaurants in Mumbai which are bit expensive but your girl would not be able to say a ‘No’ after such a date.

1. Breeze Lounge, Powai –

Breeze has the best breeze. Sounds funny, right? But that’s the truth the restaurant at Powai has the best view of Powai Lake from its frontier which is always reserved. Best time to go there is in the evening the lights of the lake and the view from the restaurant will make your day special with you beautiful date.

Cost – 1600 for two people with alcohol.


2. The Dome, Intercontinental –

Mumbai’s all magic and peace lies at Marine Drive and what can be more special enjoying your special date in front of the beautiful queen necklace. Intercontinental also called ‘Dome’ is one of the perfect dates any girl can dream for such evening will make her go flat for you.

Cost- 4500 for two people with alcohol. Damn! but it’s worth your special evening.


3. Hard Rock Cafe, Worli –

Live music is something different try it out it will surely work on a date. Which girl wouldn’t like to have a romantic dance on their first date and you have a lovely music in the background? Cafe’ have both soft and loud music it will give you no chance to get bored on your first date anyways.

Cost – 2000 for two people.


4. Koyla, Versova, Andheri West –

Koyla at Andheri has the best open dining for a couple or a family in the evening everything seems to be mesmerizing there. The food is fantastic and with that you are served Hookah to make your date royal try out this place. The open rooftop dining gives you a natural breeze and there is nowhere a sound of disturbance for you and your Princess.

Cost – 1500 for two people.


5. Aer – Four seasons, Worli –

Panoramic city view from this restaurant will leave you in amaze. Best restaurant in Mumbai and the view of Mumbai from here cannot be compared to any other. Four seasons is a dream date for any girl it is expensive but worth your special evening anytime. You will cherish every moment there and your first date is going to leave the most romantic memories for a lifetime.

Cost – 4000 for two people.

four seasons

Make your date a memorable one!

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