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Here are top 5 Old Videos which went Viral before the Internet exsisted.

Surprising & Shocking! Today you will need to take a trip back to the old times. We all have this thought…

By Administrator in 90s on February 1, 2017

Surprising & Shocking! Today you will need to take a trip back to the old times. We all have this thought in mind that the viral videos which make us laugh some even go irritatingly are only on Internet, but that’s not the truth. Before Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and another popular website there were videos circulated, but that wasn’t so fast and easy like today’s digital world. It would take long to upload a viral video on email and send to the other person. Here are top 7 viral videos which were famous at the time when there was no Youtube.

1. Dancing Baby.

Ohh! Yes, I do remember this baby the animated 3D baby who kept me entertained when I was one two. In fact, this baby was born with me in 1996 who kept dancing wearing a pampers on a Swedish song. The Dancing Baby also called the Oogachaka Baby was the 90’s, famous baby.

2. Star Wars Kid.

The Star Kids is still having a huge fan club of every person who loves watching Star Wars. In 2000 this big kid enacted like the Star War fight scenes with a pretended light saber. There have been special effects made the video after the original one. It had more than a billion views at that time was widely spread all over.

3. Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected.

A video which spread wide across in the 2000 era is Don Hertzfeldt. It was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 2000 Academy Awards. There was humor genre in the video which was utter nonsense the video had no meaning at all. There were many things put together like a banana and a man with spoon having a stupid conversation.

4. Numa Numa.

This guy in the Numa Numa video seems to be the biggest fan you will know of Moldovan pop music. When this video went viral, it had spread so much of happiness brought smiles on faces. It had received a million of views when there was no Youtube in 2000.

5. The End of the World.

Before the Internet came, this video already describes why the world is in such chaos. These End of the World viral videos made the people aware of what is going to destroy Earth soon, and we should take some caution. It was a sweet description but of a harsh reality.

We miss such viral videos. Which never hurt someone only made us laugh.

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