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Here Are Top 10 Fidget Spinners From Rs. 99 To Rs. 1000

Fidget spinners are the newest toy on the block that is marketed as relieving stress. They are small devices with…

By Abhinav D Anand in Technology on June 23, 2017

Fidget spinners are the newest toy on the block that is marketed as relieving stress. They are small devices with ball-bearings that can be rotated between the fingers. When fidget spinners were first introduced in the market it was sold as an antidote for autism, anxiety, and deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some of the companies even marketed them as a tool to bring out the best of your creativity.

However, with its increasing popularity came out the fact that these fidget spinners are nothing more than a mechanical gadget to keep you distracted. So there are people who love it while other view it as a waste of time. Whatever said and done, here is the list of top 10 fidget spinners starting from Rs. 200 up to Rs. 1000.

1.  Three Axis Fidget Spinner

This is a very basic 3 Axis fidget spinner that is priced at Rs. 100. Made out of plastic, this fidget spinner is easy to use. The normal spin in this lasts for about 20-30 seconds but a full power spin can even last up to a minute. It makes a little sound while spinning, but what makes these fidget spinner in demand is its light-weightiness and ease of carrying around.

2. Chrome Edition Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner from chrome is priced at between Rs. 199/- to 399/- and is available in a variety of color options. It is slightly heavy in terms of weight but can spin for around 2 – 3 minutes. The metallic finish of this Chrome fidget spinner makes it very attractive when in use.

3. Quad Spinner

This one is an extremely popular fidget spinner from Quad that costs Rs. 399. The interesting feature of this matte black finish fidget spinner is that spinner mechanism is not only at the center but all the three sides as well, making it easier to spin. Quad Spinner is made of high quality and is noiseless at the time of spinning.

4. Dazzling LED Light Fidget Spinner

This one is my favorite on the list. This fidget spinner from Chrome is made from plastic that is fitted with LED lights on the three sides. The effect caused due to these lights when you spin it around makes it worth possessing. Priced at Rs. 400, this LED fidget spinner will keep you merrily engaged for longer hours.

5. Omega Round Fidget Spinner

This one of is the first round fidget spinner that is reasonably priced at Rs. 499. Made using high-quality aluminum this looks really classy. A normal spin lasts for nearly 3 minutes and you can easily get the color of your choice.

6. Sheild Fidget Spinner

The Sheild fidget spinner is the best one that you can get within Rs. 500. This one is must have for every Marvel fan and is extremely fantastic to use. One side of this spinner bears the traditional shield design while the other side has a ring design. Made with an extremely high-quality material, this one is surely going to grab your attention.

7. Batman Fidget Spinner

Batman Fidget Spinner is available for Rs. 300 and is made using stainless steel bearings. An extremely futuristic fidget spinner with the Batman logo shape. A slightly noisy spinner, so ensure that you are alone with your toy when you use it.

8. Blaze UFO Fidget Spinner

A high-quality fidget spinner that costs Rs. 799. Made from aluminum it is well balanced and each spin on this one lasts for more than 5 minutes. The Blaze UFO fidget spinner also makes some noise while spinning but the metal finish of this fidget spinner makes it worth checking out.

9. Turbo Fidget Spinner

This full metal Turbo fidget spinner is available for Rs. 790. A slightly heavier fidget spinner that spins around very well. You might hurt your finger when you try to stop this spinner owing to its complete metal body. The best thing about this Turbo fidget spinner is that it is completely noiseless and the spin lasts for a really long time.

10. Brass Hex Fidget Spinner

Made from good quality brass this fidget spinner is priced at Rs. 1000. The spinner is provided with hexes on the edge that can even be detached if the weight feels too much for you. An extremely noiseless machine that spins smoothly and you are surely going to love this one.

These were some of the best fidget spinners priced below Rs. 1000. Check out each one of those and do let us know which of these got you hooked.

Happy Spinning!

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