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Here are TOP 10 DESERTS PLACES in Mumbai for which you will have to save a room for in your tummies.

Who does not want to try new desserts after the meal? Chocolate is love. Nothing of chocolate can taste bad…

By Administrator in Food on January 14, 2017

Who does not want to try new desserts after the meal? Chocolate is love. Nothing of chocolate can taste bad ever the presentation of these desserts will just want to make you get up from your cozy winter beds and try out this mouth watering deserts. When all the incredibly hard work of presenting these desserts goes to chef which makes it look so yummy that you will want to Snapchat it once and then just hog after that on it. Here are the top deserts restaurants and on street serve you in Mumbai which will make your dull day so happening.

1. Cookie Cream Crunch Sundae at Havmor Ice cream.

Your scoop will come to you but not in a cup anymore. Havmor, one of the best ice cream parlors, present you the mixture of scoop and cone in the best way. It looks so yummy!

Photo by @henna_rnc

2. Seven Layered Chocolate cake at Chocolataria Sanchurro.

The big seven layer cake is tempting so let’s make it fun. Try out a challenge having this seven layered chocolate at one spoon once a while. While, it has seven separate layers of Belgian chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse.

Photo by @i_paras200

3. The Monster Chocolate Shake at The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle.

Yes! It’s huge like a monster. A mixture of yummy waffles everyone’s favorite with cream topping accompanied by a vanilla scoop and inside a mug of chocolate delight ice cream.

Photo by @thefoodsisters3

4. Ferrero Crunch ice cream at Oshiwara, Andheri West.

We are all mad for Ferrero chocolate and love Ferrero flavor. This Ferrero Crunch ice cream topped with chocolate & hazelnuts at Papa cream. The cone is decorated with cute, colorful eatable stuff that’s so sweet.

Photo by @malavikahalady

5. Chocozza (Chocolate + Pizza) at The Chocolate Room.

Pizza is Bae. We are all mad for Pizzas and when you get it as a desert with chocolate filler in it, something so different right? Pizza chocolate has a cheery on the pizza.


6. Oreo shake at 145 Kala Ghoda, Fort.

Oreo shake at 145 Kalaghoda is so colorful and amazing. This is something new and the creamy taste is mouth watering. Oreo is everyone’s favorite and they serve ou in a very unique but simple manner for a perfect desert.


7. Chocolate Brick Shake at Tea Villa Cafe.

Chocolate Mug + Chocolate Shake = a perfect milkshake! Chocolate Brick Shake is a big mug not of glass the mug is made of chocolate which isn’t easy at all and the mug is filled with yummy chocolate ice cream and topping so tempting.


8. Devil Mousse Cake at Theobroma.

Your mouth will start watering seeing this cake. The mousse will just melt as it goes in your mouth it’s hard to catch on your plate even. The cherishing of cocoa powder makes it so much more presentable.

Photo by @_kajalpatil

9. Chocolate ball at Quesso Ristorante, Andheri.

The chocolate ball we all used to know was the normal bakery one which now turns to a proper desert. Restaurants are serving Chocolate ball with a thin layer and when the hot chocolate pours on it breaks like a balloon which is so unique.

Photo by @whereismymojito & @dhanvinjhaver

10. The Melbourne Chocolate Freakshake at Di Bella.

A gooey and rich chocolate milkshake that’s a blend of dark Belgian chocolate, golden chocolate balls, ice cream, whipped cream, waffles and lots more.

Photo & words by Thecrazyindianfoodie

What are you waiting for? Go try out the best desserts in Mumbai.

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