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Here are things you need to pen down while you plan for your First Solo Trip.

Your first Solo trip? Isn’t that feeling exciting feels like butterflies flying in your tummy? Wait, take a pause, it’s…

By Administrator in Travel on January 15, 2017

Your first Solo trip? Isn’t that feeling exciting feels like butterflies flying in your tummy? Wait, take a pause, it’s not that easy to go on a solo trip and if it’s your first one you need to be prepared totally to have a safe journey. Travelling safe is important so that you get real exploration and come back with lots of memories which can never be enough to look upon. We all have a fear of how will we manage alone in a new city take it easy you just need a good research and background knowledge. Here are some things you need to note before you go for a solo trip to any destination.

1. Carry extra cash with you, even if you have a business card.

Whenever you are traveling alone, you never know when you will need cash there are many places where you may not find ATM’s and digital transactions easily. You should keep cash in different places so even if you loose your wallet you have some cash in your bag make your trip safe and smart.

2. Research about the food and the restaurants, so you don’t remain hungry.

You are new to the places, and you cannot remain hungry. Every place has its food culture which we would have no idea about having knowledge about the eatery is important. Nearby restaurant to your accommodations and if your foodie you should take a note of all the specialty of that place.

3. Carry all your personal safety things; you may need it anytime.

Personal things are very important depending on the area the climate carry all your clothes accordingly, so you are comfortable and enjoy your trip. Carry all your lotions, little snacks, and other various things you would personal need in your daily life. You never know you forget something important like medicine and you may not get it there.

4. Plan for a local destination, and stay in touch.

When it’s your first solo trip do not choose for a place too far you have no knowledge about. Traveling safe is very important so for the first time choose a local destination so that it is easy for you to speak a language and connect with people around you and you do not feel confused or irritated make it a memorable journey.

5. Use the best tools and learn maps, don’t get lost.

If you a plan a trip by road and you have no clue about the place, you are going choose the best way to reach. If it far prepares for a flight instead because it may take a long time only to only to reach your destination. Learn how to use maps so that even if you get lost, you can reach through maps that are most essential for a solo trip.

Excited and nervous? That’s ok! Keep these in mind and have a memorable and safe journey. Go Explore!

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