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Here Are The Tips To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

For the couples who are in a long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day turns into a miserable day because of the…

By Administrator in Relationship on February 13, 2017

For the couples who are in a long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day turns into a miserable day because of the distance between them. Being in a long distance relationship on Valentine’s day is the worst day. To avoid getting your feelings squeeze by all the couples nearby you, it’s important to have a plan.
If you are in a situation where your love is far away from you then here are few ways by which you can celebrate Valentine’s day better.
Here are the tips to celebrate valentine’s day even when you are in a long distance relationship.

1. Start it with ‘I Love You’ Call.

Don’t make complicated with this one. Just pick up the phone and let your love know what they mean to you. It is the best feeling in the world when you hear those three words from your love on Valentine’s Day.

2. Don’t make each other sad by discussing your friends plan.

Don’t discuss the plans of other couples, if you do this, then you destroy your plans. So, keep this point in mind and do not start discussing your friend’s, Valentine. Instead of this focus on your relationship and discuss it.

3. Take some time and write Handwritten Note for your love. Send it through mail.

Don’t be lazy to type it instead make an effort by making a handwritten note. It will be better if you plan a surprise and deliver those notes through someone. It’s a better way to let your love know how much you love him/her.

4. Plan a Movie Marathon on Phone.

Avoid feeling alone on Valentine’s day by keeping the mood light on a talk to each other on the phone. Start the romance section under Netflix and try a movie marathon on the phone.

5. If all of this is boring, then plan a surprise visit to your love.

Some of them want to do something bigger on Valentine’s day. If you are tired of the long distance relationship and if you can afford it then just visit her/him. Surprise your love by ringing her and just go and stand in front of her.

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