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Here Are The Things A Girl Experience In Her Elder Sister Wedding!

All the girls do not have an elder sister, but the one who has is one of the best things…

By Administrator in Lifestyle Relationship on February 20, 2017

All the girls do not have an elder sister, but the one who has is one of the best things in her life. Elder sister not just becomes a first friend but also stays as a best friend for the whole life. And when the time comes for her best friend to get married, lots of things come in her mind. She wants her sister wedding to be perfect and the most memorable one. She will be so happy, excited, nervous and much more. Well, today we have some things which a girl experiences in her sister wedding and all the girls who have an elder sister will agree with all these points. Let us share few things that you can experience in your sister’s marriage.

1. Deep Inside you think My Best Friend Is Moving Out.

Though you will be very happy to see your sister’s beautiful phase of her life, deep inside you will feel sad and think that your best friend is moving out. In all celebrations and happiness, one thought will make you sad is now you will not see her in the house anymore.

2. I got her room and the wardrobe for myself.

Apart from the sad feelings, you can’t wait to have the full room for yourself. And even her clothes, shoes, accessories which she keeps it for you. All the girls just need a big wardrobe to fit their extra stuff inside it

3. It’s shopping time.

As it’s your sister wedding, it’s obvious you will be with her for all functions. So you need to look gorgeous, and this excitement of going for shopping for the perfect clothes is awesome. You book a parlor to get ready and many things, you get excited too much.

4. Who will cover for me when she is gone?

Do you remember all those time when you did mistake but your elder sister covered up in front of your parents? After her wedding, she won’t be there to save you anymore.

5. I need to plan something for the joota chupai.

This is the most important task, and you will definitely enjoy this one so much. You and your cousins make plans to get success in joota chupai ceremony.

6. Finally, I Will get to enjoy the jija-saali relationship.

We have seen it in movies and always waited to experience it in real life. Finally, the time came, and you can enjoy jija saali relationship.

7. You Will Get few marriage proposals.

This is true, once your sister’s wedding is done your parents starts getting proposals for you. Even if you are not ready for marriage.

8. Imagining life after she will be gone.

No matter how much you are happy but at last you will think how will be your life without her? The thought of not seeing her in the house will come in your mind.

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